I have had the joy and privilege of supporting families for more than 25 years, and a Certified Professional Labor (DONA), and Postpartum Doula for 8 1/2. I love that I am able to provide evidence based information and empowerment to the women and families I support. I am also able to provide Encapsulation as Tincture support to client who choose to take advantage of the benefits that provides.
 My heart is to provide an "extra set of hands" that serve the mother and her family in the journey of birth as well as postpartum. I believe that we have both the right and responsibility to be fully informed regarding the choices we can make. This is especially important in the process of pregnancy and birth. As a woman is encouraged with the spoken truth and evidence based information, about her own ability to birth she is empowered. She is then able to fully communicate what she wants for her journey and know that her voice and heart are being heard. When this is followed up with support for both the birthing woman and her primary support person, they are able make the choices that are right for their birth experience, as well as their postpartum transition home.
 I consider it a profound and humbling honor to be present during the journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with a family. When I am not supporting families, I can be found playing in my Mom’s garden, teaching kids to swim or simply enjoying the adventure that is life.t

Molly Patterson,