One's experience in life is greatly influenced by the way one enters the world.  I believe babies deserve to be welcomed in the most gentle, loving way and it is my mission to assist with creating the best possible outcome for each birth by informing and empowering women.
I am currently offering my support as a doula and childbirth educator in training with Birth Arts International.  My services include prenatal support through education, nesting, child care, light housekeeping, nutritional support and  meal preparation, household tasks, stress-reduction, relaxation techniques, and energy healing.  I am available to attend births at home, in birthing centers, or in  hospitals, always acting as Mom's best advocate.  I also offer postpartum support for new moms and families to help them find their new groove. My goal is to provide the information and emotional support necessary for mothers to make empowered decisions and trust in the natural process.  I recognize that each family and birth is unique and aim to provide practical support which honors personal choice.

Margot Rawlinson