I have always loved birth and the excitement and planning that goes along with this time.  I am looking forward to encouraging you and empowering your parenting choices by giving you options and information to ponder before your baby is born.  There is new information that comes from research all the time, but the one thing that remains the same is that your body is designed to birth and nurture your baby (or babies!).  I believe that the more an expecting mother knows how her body works and how it supports your birth, the better the outcome may be due to less fear, less stress and finally less intervention with my support during this time.
               I have birthed two children of my own and both were complicated hospital births that I believe could have vastly different, had I understood what my body needed to do and if I had the support of a Doula.  I have felt a pull toward becoming a doula for at least the last 15 years, as a result of my experience.  I believe that every woman and her partner, should have access to a doula to ensure they feel supported and informed when issues may arise and plans may change.  A smooth transition to “plan b” or “plan c” could help alleviate stress and helplessness.
               I am new to the doula community, as I  was trained through DONA last summer.  However, I am not new to the medical community or to caring for others during stressful and joyous life events.  I have worked as a Nursing Assistant for almost 25 years and I have worked in a hospital setting for 20 years.  I am confident in any environment that I can support your birth while empowering you with choices and options during your birth.

Liz Hatch