I have over ten years’ experience supporting local families as a birth doula. I also offer placenta encapsulation services at Oregon Placenta , belly-binding and co-own Blissful Beginnings doula agency.
     I have worked with families who are planning out of hospital births, birth center, epidurals, inductions, cesarean births, and everything in between. I support you however you desire to give birth. You decide what is best for you and your family, I will be there for you.
     I have training and/or experience with twins, VBAC, advanced for maternal age, parents dealing with depression, anxiety (including medical), perinatal mood disorders, single parents, LGBTQ, adoption, teen parents, surrogacy. Your individuality and circumstances will always be honored and respected throughout the services I offer.
     One of my key roles as your doula is to discern between unwelcome self-doubts and fears that can creep in and a calculated change in your birthing desires. I supply the encouragement and tools to work through labor. I honor your decisions, if you choose to change your birth plan, the support and service I provide will adapt accordingly, my support comes with no agenda or judgment. You are in good hands when you hire me for birth support. I use positioning, movement, touch, comfort measures, and calming reassurances to support you through your birth.
     I work hard including and empowering partners. This is their birth experience too! I welcome and support each member of your birth team’s level of support preferences. I am present and available to meet their needs and desires.

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Laura Finnegan