Birth is an encounter unique and profound, unlike anything else you could experience in your lifetime. These moments are precious and delicate. As a birth doula certifying with DONA International, I want to assist you in finding the tools necessary for making fully informed decisions about your birth choices. I want to cheer you on and work with you side-by-side to discover your own instinctual, deep-seated birthing strength. 
I am a full-spectrum doula and nursing student with a passion for midwifery. Having worked with home births, hospital births and birth center births, I am very comfortable in any setting and am passionate about working with every variety of birth preference and circumstance. My primary goal is to intuitively support you so you can fully embrace the birth of your baby. Your body, your birth, your way. 
In addition to basic doula services like breastfeeding assistance, I specialize in babywearing technique postpartum. Kangaroo care has been found to help with stabilization of both mom and baby after birth, establishment of breastfeeding, strengthened bonding and decreased colic. Please feel welcome to explore my website for additional services offered, detailed explanations of doula packages and to find further contact information. Happy birthing!

Katherine Graville