Reeds & Rushes Doula

  I attended my first birth at age four. Watching my Mother gracefully bring my little sister into this world left me with an awe and incredible trust for the birthing process. I watched me and my two brothers home birth videos many times. I've been hooked ever since, soaking up all the information I can. I believe every parent deserves to experience peaceful and magical births. I believe every mother has the wisdom and strength to birth the way they choose. Most of all, I believe in the powers of love. I also know that labor and birth are incredibly unpredictable.

  I carry a calm confidence in the birthing environment. Nothing can be controlled except for our reactions and ability to flow with the forces of Nature. My grounding and empathetic personality keeps me in-tune with the needs of those I serve. I have the innate ability to care for others, holding space with clean clear energy and a reassuring presence. My Doula goals are to empower new and growing families to birth the way they desire while keeping a realistic attitude on our lack of control throughout labor and birth. I wish to help you learn to birth from within and go with YOUR flow to bring “your” new soul into this crazy beautiful world. I promise to always be a tender, loving presence to assist without judgment through whichever path you choose.

Elizabeth Reed,
Reiki Level II