About Doulas

A doula respects that each mother's pregnancy and birth is special and unique. She is educated in the emotional and  physiological process of birth, pregnancy and postpartum. She supports the mother and family through the events of birth. She is a constant attendant throughout labor, offering emotional and physical support. Doulas offer educational and community resources so parents can inform themselves in making the best decisions for themselves and their families.  Studies show that when a doula attends a birth, labors may be shorter with fewer complications and interventions, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily. 

All birth and postpartum doulas associated with the Doulas of Lane County are individual practitioners and fees vary. Please contact doulas directly about fees.

The Doulas of Lane County make it easy to choose a doula who is right for you and your family. Read through the member bios and contact them personally for a free phone consultation or an in person interview.
All Doulas of Lane County doulas offer a free initial interview to get acquainted and discuss your needs for birth and postpartum support.

Some sample questions to ask when you are interviewing a doula:
~ What is your training and experience?
~ What does your fee include?
~ Do you work with a back-up doula?
~ Are you availble for questions before and after the birth?
~ What is your philosophy about childbirth?

~ How do you see your role in supporting women and their partners?
~ When do you join the mother during labor?

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Meet the Birth Doulas
  1. Margot Rawlinson
    1.310.704.4870 margotrawlinson@hotmail.com
  2. Laura Finnegan
    541.359.8258 laura@blissfulbeginnings.agency
  3. Diana Waggoner
    541.935.0346 diana@dianathedoula.com
  4. Janene Becker
    541.510.0142 janenebecker@gmail.com
  5. Jasmine Strauss
    541.214.5623 jstraussdoula@gmail.com
  6. Rachel Basolo
    541.510.4631 Rachel@EugeneDoula.com
  7. Lisa Rignell
    541.954.5393 lirignell@gmail.com
  8. Spring
    541.232.3433 fuentemoon@gmail.com
  9. Tiffany Grantom
    541.246.4062 tiffany@insightdoula.com
  10. Molly
    1.704.517.5848 tenderhandsdoula@yahoo.com
  11. Elizabeth Reed
    1.520.867.2436 eareed55@gmail.com
  12. Sarah Boothe
    541.933.5818 sarah@blissfulbeginnings.agency
  13. Cindy Barnum
    541.991.6217 cbarnum2@msn.com
  14. Kelsey Schnabel
    541.285.0937 kelseyschnabel@gmail.com
  15. Mary Johnson
    firstbreathsbirthservices@gmail.com 541.870.1812
  16. Kari Hagemeyer
    541.729.2690 elephantcircledoulacare@gmail.com
  17. Corrinne Kalesse
    541.914.9975 ckaleese@gmail.com