Birth Doulas​​​

A doula respects that each person's pregnancy and birth is special and unique. They are educated in the emotional and physiological process of birth, pregnancy and postpartum. They support the mother and family through the events of birth. They are a constant attendant throughout labor, offering emotional and physical support. Doulas offer educational and community resources so parents can inform themselves in making the best decisions for themselves and their families. 
​Please contact doulas individually for a description of their services and fees.
  1. Molly Patterson
    TenderHands Doula Services
  2. Rachel Basolo
    Doula Rachel Basolo
  3. Lisa Rignell
  4. Elizabeth Reed
    Reeds and Rushes Doula
  5. !Spring
  6. Katie Hanson
  7. Jen Nelson
    Birthing Mamas
  8. Stormy Franckowiak
  9. Jasmine Strauss
  10. Laura Finnegan
    Blissful Beginnings
  11. Tiffany Grantom
    Insight Dloula
  12. Kelsey Blake
    Kelsey Blake Birth Doula

  1. Carina Hallock
    Carina Hallock, Doula
  2. Janene Becker
    Birth Design

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